South of the Po Delta

An itinerary by car to discover the Abbazia di Pomposa (Pomposa Abbey), Castello Estense della Mesola ( Estense Castle of mesola), and the boscone (Boscone forest).

Wake up to breakfast ... taste the eel: an amazing vacation, an amazing breakfast.
Drive about 20km on the SS 309 Romea towards Venezia to the Abbey of Pomposa. Founded in the year 1000 it is of major historical importance, because the Benedictine Monk Guido lived in the here and was the first to invent musical notes and pentagrams. Continue a few kilometers north to the Estense Castle of Mesola, winter residence of the Este family of Ferrara who stayed there during hunting trips in the maritime pine woodland that protected the castle and the surrounds from the winds and salty sea air. The virgin environment of the Mesola woods is still untouched today - closed in winter, but if you want to know something about the Mesola Deer, there is a museum on the castle's first floor.
Next is a drive along the banks of the Po towards Goro - you'll notice the water level is the same height as the roofs of the houses - continue on to the town square with the port behind. To see the sea you have to climb two flights of stairs! Which makes you realize that Goro, like Comacchio and all our territory is below sea level and explains the spontaneous sprouts of sea water from the soil when the Po floods. Where else can the water go?! After this visit to Goro go along the flat plains of the Delta, cross the characteristic pontoon bridge to reach the lighthouse of Gorino built on an extreme strip of land formed by the river sediments that flow into the sea. By now it's time to go home, but this time not along the state road. Passing the Mesola woods, take the panoramic Via Acciaioli that runs between two bodies of water, Lago delle Nazioni and Valley Bertuzzi. If you have still have a half-hour left, I would suggest stopping at Scannone - where the fresh water of the Po of Volano and the sea meet with the pinewood forest in the most reserved parts of the Mesola woods: Kingfishers and even eagles visit this unknown area. Arrival in Comacchio in time for an aperitif.